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  • Centers of Distinction

    At Monmouth University, there are five unique organizations, known as Centers of Distinction, that work to promote awareness of specific issues and meet the needs of local and global communities. Our Centers, run by top experts and professors, provide important services in areas such as the environment, global affairs, and public policy. Whether their goal is to educate others, solve a problem, or bring important events to campus, the work being done by these Centers is what truly makes them distinct.

    Students at Monmouth also have great opportunities to learn from and assist these Centers. Because they are located right on campus, these organizations can offer students valuable hands-on experience outside the classroom and the chance to work directly with influential leaders. It is all part of the personalized education that separates MU from other institutions and prepares students for the next chapter in their professional lives.

    Concert in The OceanFirst Bank Center

    Center for the Arts

    The Center for the Arts hosts of variety of concerts, shows, lectures, and exhibits for the MU community and public audiences. From musicians to ghost hunters, films to operas, these events provide education and enjoyment for those in attendance.

    Monmouth University Polling Institute

    The Monmouth University Polling Institute is a leading center for public opinion research. Led by director Patrick Murray, the Institute provides polls and contract research services to policymakers in government and private organizations.

    Patrick Murray, Director of the Polling Institute

    Kislak Real Estate Institute

    The Kislak Real Estate Institute, part of the Leon Hess Business School, is a leading research center on real estate and economic development. The Institute also offers programs of study that provide students and professionals with the skills needed for a productive career in commercial real estate.

     kislak real estate institute
    institute for global understanding

    Institute for Global Understanding

    The Institute for Global Understanding promotes understanding of global affairs and brings awareness of worldwide issues and challenges. To meet the goals of IGU, students, faculty, and the community actively engage in a series of programs, partnerships, fundraising initiatives, field experiences, and service learning opportunities.

    Urban Coast Institute

    The Urban Coast Institute, part of the School of Science, is a forum for research, education, and collaboration supporting the stewardship of coastal ecosystems. Expanding on the University's marine and environmental biology and policy program, the UCI allows students to study important environmental issues, both on campus and at the beach only a mile away.

    urban coast institute